10 November, 2020

Posted by Phill

After more than a decade of building things for other people, I'm going full-time with my new adventure: The Not So Big Company! Let me tell you more about it.

Late last year I launched a little side project to help me with prototyping called Sheety. It quickly reached number one on Product Hunt (twice) and struck a chord with a small group of people. Fast forward to today and Sheety has thousands of customers and is serving up terabytes of data each month. Needless to say Sheety has become more than just a little side project!

I never sat down and planned Sheety, nor did I think it would prove so popular. This happy little accident made me wonder: what if I explored other not-so-big ideas like Sheety? What if instead of spending my time convincing investors or clients to do something, I could spend my time convincing the only people that really matter: customers.

So I did what any other sane and rational person would do during a pandemic and global recession: I quit my job. I guess now I won't have to wonder. The Not So Big Company will act as an umbrella to explore these new ideas, and Sheety will now simply be a product of The Not So Big Company.

But "Not So Big" is more than just a name to me. I've always admired independent app developers like Marco Arment and small development shops like Panic – they're able to accomplish a lot with not a lot. And because they're self-funded they don't have to worry about fundraising or creating huge returns for investors: they just focus on building the best possible products, for ideas that they think deserve to exist. In a world dominated by 'Big Tech' this feels particularly refreshing!

So that's all for now. I'm hard at work on Not So Big's debut adventure (or second depending how you're counting): Big Mail. More on that soon. Be sure to follow @NotSoBigCompany on Twitter to come along for the ride.

See you soon!